I’m an Associate Professor in Political Philosophy in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. I work in social, moral, and political philosophy, with a particular interest in feminism, climate ethics, and collective action. Most of my current research is centered on the conflict of interests between gender identity activism, on the one hand, and both women’s rights, and lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) rights, on the other hand.

Around work, I do some campaigning for the protection of women’s sex-based rights, and occasionally I put the skills I picked up as a fashion-design-degree-dropout to use, and make an item of clothing. It is usually either green, or yellow.

I did my BA(Hons) and MA at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand (2000-2006), and my PhD at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra (2007-2010). I had a couple of postdocs in Canberra (first with CAPPE, Charles Sturt University and then with the School of Philosophy at ANU) (2011-2012), before I started my first permanent job as a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield (2012-2016). In 2017 I moved back to Australia to work at the University of Melbourne, where I am still.

I really like to co-author, and these are some of the people I’ve written stuff with:

Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University) | Christian Barry (Australian National University) | Pablo Gilabert (Concordia University) | Miklos Kurthy (University of Sheffield) & Paulo Sousa (Queen’s University Belfast) | Adrian Currie (Cambridge University) | Kai Spiekermann (London School of Economics), Adam Slavny (University of Warwick), & David Axelsen (Aarhus University) | Jeremy Dunham (Durham University) | Anton Eriksson (University of Sheffield) | Johannes Himmelreich (Stanford University) | William Tuckwell (University of Melbourne) | Cordelia Fine (University of Melbourne) | Kate Phelan (RMIT) | Jess Megarry (University of Melbourne)

I’m also an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Political Philosophy and the Journal of Controversial Ideas.

Photo credit: the image in my header is of a sculpture by Yinka Shonibare, one of my favourite artists.

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