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Archived version of translated essays

1st December 2021 | ‘The Redefinition of ‘Gender’ Harms Women‘, translated into German and published in Schweizer Monat (see ‘Media articles’ tab).

Essays previously posted to Letter

1st September 2020 | With Michael Hauskeller | ‘What does it mean to be a man or a woman?

13th August 2020 | “Trans women pose no threat to cis women”, you said | [to Rebecca Solnit]

Essays previously posted to Medium

1st October 2020 | JK Rowling & Toxic Gender Identity Activism

2nd September 2020| What Is Gender Critical Feminism (and why is everyone so mad about it)?

12th May 2020 | Trans Men Are Men (But Transwomen Are Not Women)

12th May 2020 | Review of Doug Murray’s ‘The Madness of Crowds’

22nd April 2020 | Peer-Reviewed Insults

21st April 2020 | So You’ve Been Publicly ‘Transphobe’d’

12th March 2020 | Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Vilification Provisions (Hearings)

20th December 2019 | Submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry Into Anti-Vilification Protections | 20th December 2019

5th December 2019 | Practical Suggestions For My Man Colleagues In Philosophy

16th November 2019 | What Is A Woman? (Text of my talk at Feminism 2020, Wellington, 15th November 2019)

13th October 2019 | Crossing the Gender Picket Line

29th August 2019 | The Tragi-Comedy That Was The Victorian Parliament’s Upper House Debate Of Sex Self-ID

24th August 2019 | Reply to Fileborn, McCann, Mitchell, & Kunjan’s ‘Victorian changes to gender on birth certificate will not increase sexual violence. Here’s why’

14th August 2019 | ‘Feminists in Support of Birth Certificate Reform in Victoria’: A Gender Critical Reply

9th August 2019 | A Philosophical Perspective on Gender Identity [long version]

9th August 2019 | A Philosophical Perspective on Gender Identity [short version] (text of my talk from The Future of Sex-Based Rights, Melbourne, 8th August 2019)

12th July 2019 | Hitching Glitterbeard Carts to Transsexual Wagons

1st July 2019 | Let’s talk about sex (—based rights for Australians)

21st June 2019 | The Adoption Analogy Revisited

14th June 2019 | Talking Past Each Other About Trans/Gender

6th June 2019 | Radical Feminist Wish List, 2019

2nd June 2019 | An Open Letter to Twitter’s Board of Directors

25th May 2019 | Patriarchy, misogyny, & the gender system

23rd May 2019 | With Sophie Allen, Jane Clare Jones, Mary Leng, Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, & Kathleen Stock | Doing better in arguments about sex and gender

11th May 2019 | Some thoughts about Hi-Phi Nation’s ‘For Women Only, Part II’

31st March 2019 | “A hate movement hiding behind a bunch of pseudo-feminist platitudes”: Response to ContraPoints

14th February 2019 | Is it possible to change sex?

24th January 2019 | What Intersectionality Isn’t

3rd January 2019 | Should companies install gender neutral bathrooms?

4th December 2018 | “Trans-ancestral Māori are Māori!” An alternative history

3rd December 2018 | Reproductive Rights are Women’s Rights

15th October 2018 | Australian Federal and State Law on Sex and Gender

Philosophy blogs

26th September 2018 | Is there anything wrong with collective punishment? | Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace | The Ethical War Blog

27th August 2018 | With Sophie Allen, Elizabeth Finneron-Burns, Jane Clare Jones, Mary Leng, Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, & Rebecca Simpson | Derogatory Language in Philosophy Journal Risks Increased Hostility and Diminished Discussion (guest post) | Daily Nous

6th May 2017 | Some Thought on the Hypatia Affair | Crooked Timber

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