Papers & Chapters

Journal papers

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Was lockdown life worth living?Monash Bioethics Review 40 (2022), pp. 40-61.

Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Phelan, Kate. ‘The Metaphysics of Intersectionality Revisited’, Journal of Political Philosophy 30/2 (2022), pp. 166-187. (Audio version here).

Spiekermann, Kai., Slavny, Adam., Axelsen, David., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Big Data Justice: A Case For Regulating the Global Information Commons’, The Journal of Politics 83/2 (2021), pp. 577-588.

Slavny, Adam., Spiekermann, Kai., Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Axelsen, David. ‘Directed Reflective Equilibrium: Thought Experiments and How To Use Them‘, Journal of Moral Philosophy 18/1 (2021), pp. 1-25.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Ending sex-based oppression: transitional pathways‘, Philosophia 49 (2021), pp. 1021-1041. (Audio version here).

Collins, Stephanie., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘We the People: Is the Polity the State?Journal of the American Philosophical Association 7/1 (2021), pp. 78-97.

Fine, Cordelia., Sojo, Victor., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Why does workplace gender diversity matter? Justice, organizational benefits, and policy’, Social Issues and Policy Review 14/1 (2020), pp. 36-72.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Democratic Authority to Geoengineer’, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy 23/5 (2020), pp. 600-617.

Himmelreich, Johannes., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Punishing Groups: When External Justice Takes Priority Over Internal Injustice’, The Monist 102/2 (2019), pp. 134-150.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Are ‘The Affluent’ Responsible for Global Poverty?’ Ethics and Global Politics (Symposium on Christian Barry & Gerhard Øverland’s Responding to Global Poverty) 21/1 (2019), pp. 61-67.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘What’s Wrong With Collective Punishment?’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 3/CXVIII (2018), pp. 319-338.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Does Purchasing Make Consumers Complicit In Global Labour Injustice?Res Publica 24/3 (2018), pp. 319-338.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Comparative Culpability of Stratospheric Aerosol Injections and Ordinary Carbon Emissions’, Ethics & International Affairs 31/4 (2017).

Collins, Stephanie., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Responsibility for States’ Actions: Normative issues at the intersection of collective agency and state responsibility’, Philosophy Compass 12/11 (2017).

Kurthy, Miklos., Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Sousa, Paulo. ‘Does Ought Imply Can?PLOS One 12/4 (2017).

Currie, Adrian., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Accelerating the Carbon Cycle: the Ethics of Enhanced Weathering‘, Biology Letters 13/4 (2017).

Dunham, Jeremy., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Offsetting Race Privilege‘, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 11/2 (2017).*

*Some interesting criticism / commentary: Case, Spencer. ‘Skepticism About White Privilege‘, Quillette, 24th June 2017.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Climate Matters Pro Tanto, Does It Matter All-Things-Considered?Midwest Studies in Philosophy XL: Ethics and Global Climate Change, 40/1 (2016), pp. 129-142.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Offsetting Class Privilege‘, Journal of Practical Ethics 4/1 (2016), pp. 23-51.

Collins, Stephanie., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Collectives’ and Individuals’ Obligations: A Parity Argument‘, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 46/1 (2016), pp. 38-58.

Kurthy, Miklos., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘A Brief Note on the Ambiguity of Ought: Comment on Mizrahi’s ‘Ought, Can, and Presupposition: An Experimental Study”, Methode – Analytical Perspectives 4/6 (2015), pp. 244-249.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘What ‘we’?Journal of Social Ontology 1/2 (2015), pp. 225-250.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Unethical Consumption and Obligations to Signal‘, Ethics & International Affairs 29/3 (2015), pp. 315-330.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Benefiting from Failures to Address Climate Change‘, Journal of Applied Philosophy 31/4 (2014), pp. 392-404.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Non-Ideal Accessibility‘, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16 (2013), 653-669.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Understanding Political Feasibility‘, Journal of Political Philosophy 21/3 (2013), pp. 243-259.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Motivation Question: Arguments from Justice, and from Humanity‘, British Journal of Political Science 42 (2012), pp. 661-678.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Feasibility of Collectives’ Action‘, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90/3 (2012), pp. 453-467.

Gilabert, Pablo., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Political Feasibility: A Conceptual Exploration‘, Political Studies 60 (2012).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Cosmopolitan Global Justice: Brock v. The Feasibility Sceptic‘, Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric (Issue 4, 2011).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Ideal Theory: A Reply to Valentini.’ Journal of Political Philosophy (Vol. 18, No. 3, 2010, pp. 357-368).

Book chapters

Hauskeller, Michael., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Gender’, in Michael Hauskeller (Ed.) The Things That Really Matter: Philosophical Conversations on the Cornerstones of Life (London: UCL Press, 2022).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Trashing and Tribalism in the Gender Wars‘, in Noell Birondo (Ed.) The Moral Psychology of Hate (Moral Psychology of the Emotions), (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022), Chapter 10, pp. 207-233.

Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Megarry, Jessica. ‘Is There Collective Responsibility For Misogyny Perpetrated On Social Media?’ Carissa Veliz (Ed.) Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021) [online first].

Lawford-Smith, Holly. & Tuckwell, William. ‘Act Consequentialism and the No-Difference Challenge‘, in Douglas Portmore (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Consequentialism (USA: Oxford University Press, 2020).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. & Eriksson, Anton. “Is There Any Collective Responsibility For Climate Change?” in Saba Bazargan-Forward & Deborah Tollefson (Eds.), Routledge Handbook on Collective Responsibility (Abingdon: Routledge, 2020).

Barry, Christian. & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘On Satisfying Duties to Assist’, in Theron Pummer & Hillary Greaves (Eds.) Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Difference-Making and Individuals’ Climate-Related Obligations‘, in Clare Hayward & Dominic Roser (Eds.) Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016) pp. 64-82.

Collins, Stephanie., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Transfer of Duties: From Individuals to States and Back Again‘, in Michael Brady & Miranda Fricker (Eds.) The Epistemic Life of Groups (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016) pp. 150-172.

Barry, Christian., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. “Global Justice” [Introduction], in Christian Barry & Holly Lawford-Smith (Eds.) Global Justice. Surrey; Ashgate, 2012.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Feasibility Constraints and the Cosmopolitan Vision: Empirical Reasons for Choosing Justice Over Humanity.’ Questioning Cosmopolitanism, ed. Stan van Hooft and Wim Vandekerhove.  Dordrecht:  Springer, 2010.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Importance of Being Earnest, and the Difficulty of Faking It.’  Norms and Values, ed. Michael Baurmann, Geoffrey Brennan, Robert E. Goodin & Nicholas Southwood. Baden-Baden:  Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2010.

Book Reviews

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Review of James Pattison’s The Morality of Private War‘, Times Literary Supplement, October 2nd 2015.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Review of Juha Räikkä’s Social Justice in Practice’, Journal of Value Inquiry 50/2 (2016), pp. 473-478.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Review of Peter Corning’s The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature’, Biology & Philosophy (Vol. 27, Iss. 2, 2012, pp. 313-320).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Review of Larry Alexander’s Crime and Culpability’, Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy (Vol. 35, 2010, pp. 152-158).

Edited Books

Barry, Christian., & Lawford-Smith, Holly (Eds.). Global Justice. (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2012).


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