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Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Why Vaccine Mandates Must Be A Last Resort‘, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27th September 2021. (Also published in The Age, 27th September 2021).

Tullock, Rebecca., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The costs of the closure of playgrounds are mounting — and our kids are paying the price‘, ABC Religion & Ethics, 1st September 2021.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Why punch at all? Inciting out-group hatred is dangerous and immoral – “joke” or not’, ABC Religion & Ethics, 26th April 2021.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘A warning from Australia on the Transgender Debate‘, The Spectator, 13th February 2021.

Deves, Kath., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Gender Bill Risks Too Great‘, Herald Sun, 28th December 2020.

Deves, Kath., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘What is Victoria’s ban on ‘conversion therapy’ actually trying to achieve?Crikey, 22nd December 2020.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘An Australian bill criminalizing ‘conversion therapy’ may harm kids deemed ‘trans’ as well as those who treat them’, Feminist Current, 18th December 2020.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The Digital Deplatforming of a Gender-Critical Feminist‘, Areo, 23rd November 2020.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Troubled blood: gender, identity, and JK Rowling‘, BroadAgenda, 22nd October 2020.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘The end of gender… identity‘, Feminist Current, 17th September 2020.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Brave New World For Women, If Anyone Can Join‘, The Australian, 20th December 2019. (Reprinted at On Line Opinion, 23rd December 2019).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Just How Bad Is It To Misgender Someone?The Age, 1st October 2019. (Also printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, 1st October 2019).

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Misgivings about Racial and Religious Tolerance Amendment Bill’, The Age, 21st September 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘How The Trans Rights Movement is Turning Philosophers Into Activists‘, Quillette, 20th September 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Gender as Identity vs. Gender as Norms‘, Institute of Art and Ideas, 11th September 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Why some feminists oppose allowing people to choose their sex on birth certificates’, The Conversation, 23rd August 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. [Alongside other contributors, including Julie Bindel & Kathleen Stock]. ‘How can philosophy help us understand transgender experiences?’ Institute of Art and Ideas, 26th July 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Implications of sex-change act amendment have not been fully explored‘, The Age, 7th July 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Academic mobbing needs to be challenged, both inside and outside the university‘, Feminist Current, 26th June 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘When hundreds of women are dying as a result of sex, it’s a sure sign men are doing something wrong’, The Article, 18th April 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘If anyone can choose to be female, what happens to women’s rights?The Australian, 28th February 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Is it possible to change sex?‘ The Article, 19th February 2019.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. & Vicendese, Emily. ‘Does ‘Gender Identity’ Preclude Male Violence? Reply to Finlayson, Jenkins, and Worsdale’, Conatus News, 20th November 2018.

Chappell, Sophie-Grace., & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Transgender: a dialogue’, Aeon, 15th November 2018.

Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Vicendese, Emily. ‘Penises don’t kill people, people with penises do’, Feminist Current, 16th August 2018.

Swearer, Stephen., Jessup, Brad., Lawford-Smith, Holly., Patterson, Jeannie., Bell, Simon., & Beer, Tania. ‘Why the plastic bag backflip is a bad idea’, Pursuit, 1st August 2018.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Speaking on behalf of…Aeon, July 11th 2018.

Barry, Christian. & Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Critics Pour Cold Water on Ice Bucket Challenge. Are They Right?The Conversation, 27th August 2014.

And I’m quoted in…

Nguyen, Nina. ‘Melbourne University’s New Gender Affirmation Policy a ‘Violation of Conscience’: Expert‘, The Epoch Times, 20th June 2021.

Carey, Adam. ‘Transgender debate a free speech stress test for Melbourne University‘, The Age, 18th June 2021.

MacPherson, James. ‘Melbourne University’s attack on freedom, on women – and itself‘, The Spectator, 17th June 2021.

Carey, Adam. ‘University head says free speech does not override transgender safety‘, The Age, 15th June 2021.

Ridge, Mian. ‘A backlash against gender ideology is starting in universities‘, The Economist, 5th June 2021.

Hoffman, Mimi. ‘Petition Calls For Review of “Transphobic” Melbourne University Subject‘, Farrago, 2nd June 2021.

Ross, John. ‘Melbourne revises free speech rules over transgender concerns’, Times Higher Education, 26th May 2021.

Imgrund, Sarah. ‘Australian feminist professor survives cancel culture attack over ‘transphobic’ website‘, The College Fix, 26th April 2021.

Dodd, Tim. ‘Two former university heads back new free speech journal‘, The Australian, 22nd April 2021.

Zhang, Stevie. ‘Why Trans Students Don’t Feel Safe At The University of Melbourne‘, Junkee, 19th March 2021.

Bartosch, Jo. ‘The TERF war Down Under‘, Spiked, 3rd March 2021.

Quinn, Karl. ‘‘Now I use the men’s bathroom, but it’s still uncomfortable’‘, The Age, 27th February 2021. (Also published in the Sydney Morning Herald].

Kelly-Clark, Victoria., & Jom, Henry. ‘Australian Academic Says Women Are Afraid Of Being Labelled Transphobic For Standing Up For Themselves‘, The Epoch Times, 26th February 2021.

Power, John. ‘Women-only spaces under threat? Australian professor assailed for highlighting claims of encroachment by trans people‘, South China Morning Post, 26th February 2021.

Quinn, Karl. ‘‘Transphobic’ website puts Melbourne University academics at odds‘, Brisbane Times, 25th February 2021. [Also published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, both 26th December 2021].

Crellin, Zac. ‘WTF: A Cis Uni Professor Has Set Up An Anonymous Tip Line To Collect Stories About Trans Women‘,, 24th February 2021.

Lane, Bernard. ‘Lifelong damage of a puberty blue‘, The Australian, 5th December 2020.

Saville, Margot. ‘JK Rowling and the curse of the trans character who wasn’t there‘, Crikey, 21st September 2020.

Lane, Bernard. ‘Free speech ‘in play’ over women’s sport‘, The Australian, 11th September 2020.

Saville, Margot. ‘What does self-ID mean for the rights of women?Crikey, 14th February 2020.

Lane, Bernard. ‘Trans Therapy Law May Harm Child Patients‘, The Australian, 20th January 2020.

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Akerman, Tessa. ‘Choice of sex on birth certificates becomes law in Victoria‘, The Australian, 29th August 2019.

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Campbell, Murray. ‘Why women will be the losers from Victoria’s latest gender stunts‘, Spectator Australia, 2nd August 2019.

The Weekend Australian. ‘Not all oppression of the sisterhood is worthy of attention from our progressive organs‘, The Weekend Australian, 31st July 2019.

Lane, Bernard. ‘The balls now in feminists’ court‘, The Australian, 27th July 2019.

Lane, Bernard. ‘New Victorian sex law a gender headache‘, The Australian, 27th July 2019.

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