What’s new?

November 2022

New article up at Quillette, disagreeing with Angel Eduardo & Sam Harris about Twitter’s obligations with repect to it being (or not being) a ‘digital town square’.
I spoke to Courtney & Clara from the Feminist Law Podcast, about my paper (co-authored with Jess Megarry) ‘Is There Collective Responsibility for Misogyny Perpetrated on Social Media?’ (2021).
Somewhat strangely tacked on to the end of this article about MacAskill is a short article by John Maier titled ‘The new young philosophers‘, with the subtitle ‘The 4 under 40 to watch’. I am very pleased to be featured in this list, and somewhat amused to think of the reaction of (at least one of) the others to having been listed alongside me!
New petition by the Free Speech Union to get banned gender-critical Twitter accounts reinstated.
The book cover that never was! By The Famous Artist Birdy Rose.
New Feminist Heretics video. I talk to Renate Klein about the shift from Women’s Studies to Gender Studies in universities, and her experience at Deakin.

October 2022

Currently-banned YouTube-r Max Karson (mrgirl) & I talk about feminism.
I talk with Melbourne detransitioner Ollie Davies for the LGB Alliance Australia. We talk about the recent article in The Australian about his experiences; the reaction to the article; what identifying as a woman meant to him; the tactics of gender identity activists; and whether there’s any hope for reducing tensions between gender identity activists and gender-critical people.
Following along nicely from last night’s ABC Media Watch episode on ABC x ACON, here’s a video about UniMelb x ACON (and other workplaces, too).
I talk to Jonathan Cole, a political theologist at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, about feminism and the left and a million other things in loose connection with my book Gender-Critical Feminism. (Does anyone else struggle to say the words “my book” anymore?)

September 2022

I talk to Moti Gorin for Dan Kaufman’s Electric Agora, about my book Gender-Critical Feminism.
Some photos from Sunday’s protest on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, against Corrections Victoria housing male sex offenders in women’s prisons (and against the ideology that got them there). Female inmates at the Dame Phyllis Frost correctional centre are petitioning to have a male sex offender removed (read more here). Men are being housed in women’s prisons not just in Victoria but also in other states/countries (here‘s a recent example from the UK). You can sign our petition demanding the removal of men from women’s prisons in Victoria here. Photo credit: Natalie J. Russell.
Science Fiction Double Feature! Well, not really. More like a double feature one of which is science fiction. Kate & I discuss Joanna Russ’s The Female Man & last week’s Q+A episode, at Feminist Heretics.