What’s new?

December 2021

New Feminist Heretics video, Kate & I talk about the (1933) book ‘Man Into Woman: The First Sex Change’.
Article in Spectator Australia about the institutional influence of ACON.
Article published in the current issue of O&G Magazine (obstetrics & gynaecology), on female-centred language. (Note: the article has been temporarily removed due to complaints, so I have linked to an archived version instead. I’ll replace the original link if they restore the article. You can still find it in the full version of the magazine).
I chat to Jonathan Cole of The Political Animals podcast, about gender-critical feminism and its conflict with the gender identity movement.
Article on gender-critical feminism published in Schweizer Monat, December 2021/January 2022 issue. In German here and in English here.

November 2021

Journalist James Button has written a three-part series about cancel culture, published in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and Brisbane Times. The second part (Sunday 21st November) is about events at the University of Melbourne. (First part here, second part here, third part here). There’s also an editorial about the series here.
I chat with Kat Karena (of the LGB Alliance Australia and the Coalition for Biological Reality) about the University of Melbourne’s new Gender Affirmation Policy and job advertisement for the role ‘Senior Advisor (Gender Affirmation)’. (The advertisement seems to have been taken down, but there are screenshots here). I also talked briefly about this with Rita Panahi for Sky News. John Ross writes about the policy & job advertisement for Times Higher Education here.
New paper in The Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics just published online.
Feminist Heretics make a guest appearance in the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) ‘Radical Feminist Perspectives’ series. We talk about the concept of sex class.

October 2021

New Feminist Heretics video! (After an unintended hiatus). Kate & I talk about Amia Srinivasan’s new book The Right To Sex.
I’m very pleased to now be a member of The Open University’s Gender Critical Research Network, and a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Law at the University of Reading.
I made an oral submission to the New Zealand Goverment’s Inquiry in SOP 59 on the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill. A recording is available here.