What’s new?

August 2022

New article in Rationale magazine, talking about the way the left (mis)understands privilege and disadvantage, and how this relates to the conflict of interests between women and transwomen.

July 2022

There’s an interview with me about my new book in NRC Netherlands. (Google translate does an okay job with it, for the non- Dutch speakers!)
An essay adapted from my new book Gender-Critical Feminism is now online at Quillette.
Kate & I chat about my new book for Feminist Heretics.
Some reviews of my book are in! Most recently, Daniel Kodsi for The Critic (July). Before that, Sasa Vukodinovic for Schweizer Monat (June); and Jane O’Grady for The Telegraph (April).

June 2022

New piece in The Spectator Australia about universities, flags, and political im/partiality (28th June 2022).
On Sunday 26th I spoke to the Macquarie University Liberal Club about the FINA ruling and women’s sports. The discussion was live on their Facebook page, but the video has also been posted to YouTube.
There’s now an audio version of my & Kate’s paper up at Women’s Voices.