What’s new?

October 2021

New Feminist Heretics video! (After an unintended hiatus). Kate & I talk about Amia Srinivasan’s new book The Right To Sex.
I’m very pleased to now be a member of The Open University’s Gender Critical Research Network, and a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Law at the University of Reading.
I made an oral submission to the New Zealand Goverment’s Inquiry in SOP 59 on the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill. A recording is available here.

September 2021

I write for The Sydney Morning Herald against mandatory vaccinations. (Also published in The Age).
Rebecca Tullock & I write for ABC Religion & Ethics about playground closures as part of the current lockdown measures.

August 2021

Jo Brew & I discuss Gerda Lerner’s book The Creation of Patriarchy (1986) for a Women’s Human Rights Campaign ‘Radical Feminist Perspectives’ webinar.

July 2021

I gave a talk on Saturday 25th for the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (UK), about how gender identity activists are gaming intersectionality, and making the case that radical and gender critical feminism should not be intersectional.