What’s new?

March 2023

I wrote for Spectator Australia about the Let Women Speak event last Saturday in Melbourne.
My latest column for Quillette is up! About whether academics can/should also be activists, and whether activism actually needs academics.
My talk for the 2023 International Women’s Day Brisbane Meanjin conference is now online!

February 2023

My essay ‘Acheiving a Sex-Equal Workplace: How Did We Do It?‘ appears in the current issue of The Radical Notion. (Print edition only).
Another new Feminist Heretics video, this time an interview with Corinna Cohn, co-host of the Heterodorx podcast and gender-critical trans person. We talk about the earlier days of the gender-critical movement, pronouns, slurs, and more.
New Feminist Heretics video, for our new playlist where we engage more with the intellectual opponents of radical feminism. I talk to Calvin Robinson about the Christian gender complementarian view.
I spoke to Nina & Corinna for the Heterodorx podcast.

January 2023

I’ve joined Quillette as a columnist this year, and this is my first column! It’s about the recent VICE debate on feminism, and how mainstream feminism appears to be unable to account for disadvantage *as a woman*.