What’s new?

September 2021

Rebecca Tullock & I write for ABC Religion & Ethics about playground closures as part of the current lockdown measures.

August 2021

Jo Brew & I discuss Gerda Lerner’s book The Creation of Patriarchy (1986) for a Women’s Human Rights Campaign ‘Radical Feminist Perspectives’ webinar.

July 2021

I gave a talk on Saturday 25th for the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (UK), about how gender identity activists are gaming intersectionality, and making the case that radical and gender critical feminism should not be intersectional.

June 2021

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne used his annual address to make some remarks about research on “questions concerning gender identity”, which apparently does “damage and harm” and causes “emotional distress and anguish” to trans and gender diverse people, with its “inappropriate words”. There has been a bunch of media coverage on this, and surrounding issues including the University’s draft ‘Gender Affirmation Policy’, which seeks to introduce compelled speech, reform sex-segregated campus spaces, and give veto power over public events and “public discourse” to trans communities on campus.

Adam Carey, ‘University head says free speech does not override transgender safety‘, The Age, 15th June 2021.
Adam Carey, ‘Transgender debate a free speech stress test for Melbourne University‘, The Age, 18th June 2021.
James MacPherson, ‘Melbourne University’s attack on freedom, on women – and itself‘, The Spectator, 17th June 2021.
James Campbell, ‘Gender politics swamps Left’s new agenda‘, The Herald Sun, 19th June 2021.
Nina Nguyen, ‘Melbourne University’s New Gender Affirmation Policy A ‘Violation of Conscience’: Expert‘, The Epoch Times, 20th June 2021.
Outsiders, ‘Melbourne academic targeted for website ‘protecting’ campus sex-segregated spaces‘, Sky News, June 20th 2021.
Julie Szego, ‘Silencing transgender conversation leads us nowhere‘, The Age, 22nd June.
Editorial, ‘Beware moves to shut down ‘harmful’ debates‘, The Age, 29th June 2021.
Luara Ferracioli, Matthew Lister, & Sam Shpall. ‘If not in a university, then where? Academia must define harm to allow open debate on difficult issues‘, The Conversation, 2nd July 2021.
New Feminist Heretics video on the radical feminist philosopher Mary Daly.
New Feminist Heretics video, on Kathleen Stock’s book Material Girls.
New interview for LGB Alliance Australia, talking with an Australian desister (someone who has desisted in transgender identification).

May 2021

I spoke to Genevieve Gluck for Feminist Current about the website noconflicttheysaid.org (this is a written version of part of the discussion we had for the podcast Women’s Voices – see below).
Julie Bindel writes for The Spectator about the campus harassment of me, Kathleen Stock, and Donna Hughes, for our gender critical political beliefs.

April 2021

Article about leftist hate speech in ABC Religion & Ethics.
The Journal of Controversial Ideas has launched! There’s been some great coverage in The Australian, a piece by Adam Creighton here, a piece by Tim Dodd here, a piece by Claire Lehmann here, and an editorial here. Peter Singer talks to Andrew Bolt for Sky News here, and Peter, Jeff McMahan & Francesca Minerva (the journal’s three founders) talk to Sam Harris here.
New paper about intersectionality, written together with Kate Phelan, published in the JPP (early view).
Audio version of my paper ‘Ending Sex-Based Oppression: Transitional Pathways’, published in Philosophia last year, available at Women’s Voices.
I talk to Spencer Case for Micro-Digressions about noconflicttheysaid.org and the surrounding controversy, as well as about the Victorian laws around gender identity.
I talk to Genevieve Gluck for Women’s Voices about the noconflicttheysaid.org website, and about the new laws entrenching gender identity ideology in Victoria.
New Feminist Heretics video up, this one on Audre Lorde & her views on infighting.