I’m a New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia. I did my BA(Hons) and MA at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand. Then I moved to sunny Australia (seriously, I think it rained twice in the first year I was there) to do my PhD at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. One of my friends calls me ‘Canbassador’ because I love Canberra so much and I like to try to persuade other people that they’re wrong not to. I spent the last year of my PhD in Berlin, lurking around the Humboldt University. I ate more salad and biked more kilometres in this year than in all the other years of my life combined. After that whole interlude of being a poor student for eleven years was over, I had a couple of postdocs in Canberra (first with CAPPE, Charles Sturt University and then with the School of Philosophy at ANU), and then I moved to the UK to begin my first permanent job as a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. I spent four and a half years there, and in February last year (2017) I moved back to Australia to take up the position of Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. I’m currently also a Research Associate at the ANU.

I really like to co-author, and these are some of the people I’ve written stuff with:

Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University) | Christian Barry (Australian National University) | Pablo Gilabert (Concordia University) | RJ Leland (University of Manitoba) | Miklos Kurthy (University of Sheffield) & Paulo Sousa (Queen’s University Belfast) | Adrian Currie (Cambridge University) | Kai Spiekermann (London School of Economics), Adam Slavny (University of Warwick), & David Axelsen (Aarhus University) | Jeremy Dunham (Durham University) | Anton Eriksson (University of Sheffield) | Richard Rowland & David Killoren (Australian Catholic University) | Johannes Himmelreich (Stanford University)

I’m also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Philosophy, and an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Political Philosophy.

Outside of work…

I make some of my own clothes, I like to take pictures of accidental art that I find around cities when I travel, and I am attempting to write a utopian novel.

Photo credit: the image in my header is of a sculpture by Yinka Shonibare, one of my favourite artists.