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September 2022

I talk to Moti Gorin for Dan Kaufman’s Electric Agora, about my book Gender-Critical Feminism.
Some photos from Sunday’s protest on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, against Corrections Victoria housing male sex offenders in women’s prisons (and against the ideology that got them there). Female inmates at the Dame Phyllis Frost correctional centre are petitioning to have a male sex offender removed (read more here). Men are being housed in women’s prisons not just in Victoria but also in other states/countries (here‘s a recent example from the UK). You can sign our petition demanding the removal of men from women’s prisons in Victoria here. Photo credit: Natalie J. Russell.
Science Fiction Double Feature! Well, not really. More like a double feature one of which is science fiction. Kate & I discuss Joanna Russ’s The Female Man & last week’s Q+A episode, at Feminist Heretics.

August 2022

Marshal Zeringue kindly invited me to subject Gender-Critical Feminism to The Page 99 Test. (For anyone who’s interested, the test also worked pretty well on my first book!)
Caroline Norma joins me at Feminist Heretics to talk about left wing men (discussing ideas from Ellen Willis, Andrea Dworkin, Robin Morgan, & Louise Perry).
New article in Rationale magazine, talking about the way the left (mis)understands privilege and disadvantage, and how this relates to the conflict of interests between women and transwomen.

July 2022

There’s an interview with me about my new book in NRC Netherlands. (Google translate does an okay job with it, for the non- Dutch speakers!)
An essay adapted from my new book Gender-Critical Feminism is now online at Quillette.
Kate & I chat about my new book for Feminist Heretics.
Some reviews of my book are in! Most recently, Daniel Kodsi for The Critic (July). Before that, Sasa Vukodinovic for Schweizer Monat (June); and Jane O’Grady for The Telegraph (April).