Feminist heretics project

Mary Daly | Conceptual Engineering, YouTube, 21st September 2020.
Andrea | Intercourse, YouTube, 6th August 2020. Andrea | Androgyny, YouTube, 7th August 2020.
Shulamith Thumbnail
Shulamith | Abortion, YouTube, 17th August 2020. Shulamith | Reproduction, YouTube, 17th August 2020.
Ti-Grace Thumbnail
Ti-Grace | Radical Feminism, YouTube, 10th August 2020. Ti-Grace | Political Lesbianism, YouTube, 10th August 2020.

Public events

Women’s Human Rights Campaign AU/NZ October Webinar, with Kathleen Stock.
Speak Up For Women New Zealand (SUFW NZ). ‘Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, Feminism 2020 Wellington Speech’, YouTube, 1st December 2019.
Lawford-Smith, Holly., Mansel Lees, Virginia., Opie, Hayden., Vallins, Nina., & Winter, Bronwyn. ‘The Future of Sex-Based Rights’ [Part I, Part II, & Part III], YouTube, 9th August 2019.

Interviews (where I am the interviewer)

Interview with Nicole Vincent (we talk about trans* issues and the highly charged debate over women-only spaces).
Interview with Vaishnavi Sundar (we talk about workplace sexual harassment and feminism in India).


Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Debate: “Gender Identity Should Not Replace Sex in Policy”, YouTube, 29th October 2020.
Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘What is Gender Critical Feminism? (And why is everyone so mad about it?)‘, YouTube, 27th August 2020.
Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Gaming Intersectionality‘, YouTube, 19th June 2020.
Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Women-only spaces & the right to exclude’, [Part I & Part II] YouTube, 14th July 2019. Full video here.
Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Who’s Culpable for What the State Does? Part I: Citizens’, YouTube, 27th September 2016.
Lawford-Smith, Holly. ‘Who’s Culpable for What the State Does? Part II: Employees & Elected Officials’, YouTube, 7th December 2018.

Other stuff

Smith, Tea. ‘The Verboten – Episode 2 – Dr Holly Lawford-Smith‘, YouTube, 14th June 2020.
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