Recording Dialogues: A Philosophy Podcast, May 9th 2018. From left to right: Dan Halliday, Stephanie Collins, me, Richard Rowland.

Articles, blogs, & podcasts

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Halliday, Dan., Lawford-Smith, Holly., & Rowland, Richard. Dialogues: A Philosophy Podcast, Season II, Episodes 7 – 13, 2018. (Available via Soundcloud & iTunes).

Episode 13: Guest philosopher Colin Klein talks with us about whether insects are conscious and what that would mean.

Episode 12: Guest philosopher Stephanie Collins talks with us about who does wrong when an organisation does wrong.

Episode 11: Guest philosopher Lisa Ellis talks with us about sea-level rise and adaptation justice.

Episode 10: Guest philosopher Christian Barry talks with us about the injustices consumers are implicated in through ordinary goods like smartphones and clothing.

Episode 9: Guest philosopher Caroline West talks with us about the implications that a popular view about group rights has for the permissibility of our younger selves making decisions that trap or constrain our older selves.

Episode 8: Guest philosopher Nick Barry talks with us about social esteem.

Episode 7: Guest philosopher Reene Bolinger talks with us about the idea that it’s wrong to put someone in a situation where they cannot know whether you’ve consented or not.

Barry, Christian., Halliday, Dan. Dialogues, Season I, Episodes 1 – 6, 2018.

Episode 01: Charity: Dan, Christian, and their mate Holly Lawford-Smith discuss if we should give more to those we know well than strangers, if charity is only for those in desperate need, and who should help the needy, the government or private charities?

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