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My next book is now available for pre-order! Sorry about the price. You can get 30% off with the discount code AAFLYG6.

June 2023

Chip Le Grand writes for The Age about a group of 20 senior academic philosophers putting their names to an open letter in support of academic freedom for gender-critical feminists.
Claire Lehmann writes for The Australian about the silencing of gender-critical feminists (Friday 2nd June).

May 2023

My May colum for Quillette is up! About campus free speech, and in particular whether the campaign against me at UniMelb is just student free speech.
Open Letter in Times Higher Education defending freedom of inquiry for gender-critical feminists.
Hugh Breakey writes for The Conversation about whether the campaign against me at UniMelb violates my academic freedom. (See also my May Quillette column, link above, for more on this topic!)
Another article in The Age (following along from last weekend‘s) about the situation at UniMelb.
I chat with Ricky & Jon at The New Flesh podcast about post- #LetWomenSpeak Melbourne, my new book, and more!
John Ross writes for Times Higher Education about the situation at the University of Melbourne.
I talked to Melody Rachel for the new podcast You Know I. We talked about sex & gender, and the gender-critical feminist movement and a bunch of other things!
I talked to Rita Panahi for Sky News about my WorkSafe complaint against the University of Melbourne (Monday 15th May).
I spoke to Fred Pawle for ADH TV about gender-critical feminism, recent events at UniMelb, Moira Deeming’s expulsion from the Liberal parliamentary room, campus free speech, and more.
Two articles in The Age today (Sunday 14th May) about what’s been happening at UniMelb. The first one (shorter) here, the second one (longer) here.
An article in The Times (UK) talks about an academic withdrawing her book from publication with Oxford University Press because they’re publishing my second book, Sex Matters: Essays in Gender-Critical Philosophy.
Essay in the latest issue of The Philosopher’s Magazine. Table of Contents here, subscriber version of the magazine here, and open access version of my essay here.
I’ve just posted a video response to ContraPoints’ recent criticism of J.K. Rowling and the Free Press’s Witch Trials podcast. (See also my Quillette article, below).

April 2023

A between-monthly-columns article about the new ContraPoints video
My article in The Philosopher’s Magazine has just been posted.
Alex Byrne (MIT) describes our experiences in trying to publish gender-critical work in philosophy.
I talked to Peta Credlin about the clash between feminism and gender identity activism for Sky News, Thursday 13th April.